The Southern Shaolin Five Animals Yang Cheng T'ai Chi & Kung Fu Association teaches a Traditional Chinese Martial Art.
   The training is pure and was taught to Grand Master Steve Combs personally by several top Grand Masters in their respective systems.
   Taiwan's Professor Cheng Man Ching and his top student Master Han Ta Tsui of the Southern Shaolin Yang Cheng 64 Posture T'ai Chi Ch'uan System, Hong Kong Grand Master Hal Keakueva of the Southern Shaolin T'ai Chi Tang Lang System and China Grand Master Kelly Choi of the Southern Shaolin Five Animals System.
   Each one of these Grand Masters along with Steve Fisher, Chuck Norris and several other top Martial Artist were instrunmental in the development Sifu Steve Combs and of this Association.
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To obtain a pure state of awareness, one needs to focus on the journey, not the destination